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Why do we Read Books to Children?

Mum reading to children

A therapists perspective…

We are constantly told that reading to young children is a good thing, usually in terms of learning to read, expanding vocabulary and getting ahead educationally. But the truth is that books do so much more. During challenging times there can be nothing more comforting than a book that resonates, enlightens or just seems to understand.

As Kafka (Writer and philosopher) wrote in a letter in 1904, ‘A book must be the axe that smashes the frozen sea within us.’ He goes on to say that we read because life is more than just the things that happen to us. Of course – he’s right. Inside us profound thoughts and feelings are taking shape in response to our experiences, but they so often remain unexamined.

Over time these untapped thoughts and feelings can crystalise, becoming harder to reach. Maybe they are too painful and leaving them to freeze over is our unconscious attempt to protect ourselves. But maybe we would really benefit from addressing these feelings, it’s just that no-one ever found a safe way in. Perhaps opportunities were missed many years ago, when we were children. Sometimes, as Kafka so powerfully describes, it takes an axe to smash the frozen sea within us. And the release can be immense. Finding a book that helps you reach the glorious sea of your child’s inner life, well before it freezes over is a magical opportunity.

The act of reading to a child is usually a gentle, nurturing experience but the emotional impact can be dramatic. Whilst you sit closely together, your child’s vibrant inner world is making connections to the outside world. No longer feeling huge and confusing, it starts to make sense. With your ability to modulate the tone, pause the story and then continue instinctively – your child can hear of loss and pain and joy and devastation all with your arm around them and your familiar voice bringing the story to life. A screen can never replace this.

As a parent it can be hard for to find the ‘right’ words for painful situations or intense feelings. It is such a relief to find that someone out there has found them and woven them into a story. Even better, a story with beautiful pictures.

‘A book must be the axe that smashes the frozen sea within us’.

Franz Kafka, Writer & Philosopher

If you have a specific area of parenting you are finding challenging to approach with your child, we have a number of book recommendations on our website that might connect with you and your own child’s story. Take a look.


The Counselling provision at our school is now excellent. This is due to Chloe’s understanding of the needs of pupils, parents and the school as an organization. I would whole-heartedly recommend ‘Child in Time’ to head-teachers considering their own counselling provision.

Head-teacher of Woolmore School, Tower Hamlets

Parent Consultation: They have become much better at expressing their feelings and opening up to me and their siblings.

Parent, 2023

School Counselling: My son has completely turned around and is simply wonderful at the moment. He is back to his normal self at home, being very happy, caring and kind. He is especial kind and caring with his sister and just the best brother ever now. As a family, we are happy and content.

Parent, 2023

It is quality time well spent not letting pupils leave with negative patterns that make them vulnerable beyond school. One of the best decisions I have made.

Head-teacher of St Saviour’s School, Tower Hamlets

You have helped me build a barrier of protection against pain and I can’t thank you enough for that…I have never felt so emotionally strong.

Student, aged 15

Child in Time is a tremendous resource for head-teachers. It’s a consultancy that offers a short-cut to setting up a counselling service in your school with highly trained, qualified practitioners. Child in Time brings peace of mind to staff, knowing that the most vulnerable students are in safe hands.

Tereza Nogueira, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and Senior supervisor UKCP

This intervention has had an enormous, positive impact for us all and we sincerely hope that other families benefit from the same programme…his positive behaviour is having a really good impact on all elements of his school life.

Parent of child, age 8

I am glad I am coming to see you every Thursday because I used to hold all these things in my head and that was hard.

Girl, age 10

We are very happy with the counselling service we are receiving and in particular ‘our therapist’s’ flexible and accommodating nature. Parents are very pleased, both the target children’s parents and the consultation one’s too.

SENCO, Rhodes Avenue School, Haringey

She is an outstanding therapist who has made a real difference to the lives of pupils in our school. ‘Our therapist’ possesses excellent skills in connecting with others, creating a safe space for staff, parents and pupils to discuss a range of issues. Her expertise, compassion, and dedication are truly commendable and we have really benefited from her thorough understanding of child development and psychology.

Deputy Head, Highgate Pre-Prep

I want to say thank you. I found these sessions very very helpful. I could talk about anything with you. I remember our first one, when I was so worried that everything was my fault. I can now see things more clearly.

student, age 11