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The ‘Joker’ within us all

Brazilian psychologist and psychotherapist, Flavio Cordeiro shares his thoughts after watching the film: Joker… I watched Joker this weekend. It had been a long time since I came out of such a troubled movie. I believe this is one of the main functions of art: to disturb, to wake us up. The mechanism of the nightmares […]


  • The Counselling provision at our school is now excellent. This is due to Chloe’s understanding of the needs of pupils, parents and the school as an organization.   I would whole-heartedly recommend ‘Child in Time’ to head-teachers considering their own counselling provision.’
    (Head-teacher, Tower Hamlets)

  • Having Hildy has made a huge difference to the children’s confidence and ability to communicate what is important to them. Their progress in all areas due to their social and emotional progress is immense and parents report how happy they feel just talking to Hildy. It is quality time well spent not letting pupils leave with negative patterns that make them vulnerable beyond school.  One of the best decisions I have made.’
    (Head-teacher of St Saviour’s School, Tower Hamlets)

  • Child in Time is a tremendous resource for head-teachers.  It’s a consultancy that offers a short-cut to setting up a counselling service in your school with highly trained, qualified practitioners. Child in Time brings peace of mind to staff, knowing that the most vulnerable students are in safe hands.’
    Tereza Nogueira (Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and Senior Supervisor. UKCP)
  • You have helped me build a barrier of protection against pain and I can’t thank you enough for that…I have never felt so emotionally strong.’
    (Student, aged 15)
  • This intervention has had an enormous, positive impact for us all and we sincerely hope that other families benefit from the same programme…It was lovely to hear that his teacher describes ‘F’ as happy and popular within the class and that his positive behaviour is having a really good impact on all elements of his school life.
    (Parent of child, age 8)
  • I am glad I am coming to see you every Thursday because I used to hold all these things in my head and that was hard.
    (Girl, age 10)
  • We are very happy with the counselling service we are receiving and in particular Karen’s flexible and accommodating nature. Parents are very pleased, both the target children’s parents and the consultation one’s too.
    (SENCO, Rhodes Avenue School, Haringey)