Service to suit your school

‘The Counselling provision at our school is now excellent. This is due to Chloe’s understanding of the needs of pupils, parents and the school as an organization. I would whole-heartedly recommend ‘Child in Time’ to head-teachers considering their own counselling provision.’

Head-teacher of Woolmore School in Tower Hamlets

Just as every child deserves an attuned response to their particular need, we recognise that each school might be looking for a different kind of therapeutic provision. Outcomes for long-term 1:1 therapy are extremely positive but we can also set up short-term, group and drop-in sessions. The personal service we offer means that we can build the appropriate service for your school and match you up with a therapist whose professional background will best fit the needs of your students.

Where to start

Whilst most schools see the value of professional emotional support, it can be difficult to know where to start. Return to Home Page and click ‘Go’ to find out how to take the first steps.  If you already offer counselling but would like to develop the service please contact to discuss the possibilities.


We keep costs as low as possible with daily rates starting at £260. Rates vary according to the experience and qualifications of your therapist.

Child Protection and Safe-guarding

Child in Time is committed to caring for children and young people and protecting from them from harm.
Our counsellors/therapists are qualified and have been trained by organisations offering recognised accreditation for counsellors/therapists. Two of the leading accrediting bodies are the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and many therapists will be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. All counsellors carry professional indemnity insurance and have Enhanced Disclosures from the Criminal Records Bureau (DBS).
Our counselling practice is in accordance with the ethics and Code of Conduct of our training organisations, or accrediting body, and with statutory legislation. We work in co-operation with the school’s Child Protection Policy, following Area Child Protection Committee guidelines.


Some schools are concerned about the confidential nature of counselling. We will not share details of the sessions but we are able to give broad themes and outlines in order to discuss ways to support the child with staff members. In effect there is no such thing as absolute confidentiality when working with young people as child protection always takes precedence over normal confidentiality codes. In the initial contract this will be made clear to the child. Should a counsellor think that a child/young person is at risk of significant harm, they will attempt to gain the child’s permission before reporting it to your schools designated link person and/or child protection person.

Whole school benefits

Setting up a school counselling service provides a healthy unstigmatised model of emotional support. Lunch-time drop-in services could reach a larger number of students without the commitment of long term therapy, and group work can increase social cohesion. Staff benefit from the opportunity to discuss children who often put huge pressure on them with a professional from a different field. There are many more ways in which the whole school can benefit through a ripple effect as deep as it is wide.