The ‘Joker’ within us all

Brazilian psychologist and psychotherapist, Flavio Cordeiro shares his thoughts after watching the film: Joker… I watched Joker this weekend. It had been a long time since I came out of such a troubled movie. I believe this is one of the main functions of art: to disturb, to wake us up. The mechanism of the nightmares […]

Again in Kathmandu

Tereza Nogueira, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and senior supervisor for ‘Child in Time’, writes to us from Kathmandu, Nepal where she’s returned as a volunteer with Unity in Health After volunteering for the first time this year (see previous blog posts), I have come back to Nepal earlier that I ever thought I would.It is […]

The Boy Who Could Fly

Early support in schools can be a real game-changer for ‘disruptive’ children. Child Psychotherapist Adriana Buzetto shares her story of therapeutic work with a nine year old boy in the school setting. (Names and identifying details have been changed to maintain confidentiality) I’d like to share the story of Zain, a 9 year-old boy who […]

Tales of Childhood

Adriana Buzetto, child and adolescent psychotherapist went to Woolmore School in Tower Hamlets to work creatively with a group of parents. Watch this short video to find out about their experience…

A psychotherapist in Kathmandu (10)

A present from the universe… I always thought about going to Nepal as an opportunity to see Mount Everest. I kept asking people if we would have time in our schedule to go and see it. To my disappointment, I was told it was 1 hr away from Kathmandu and even if we went it […]

A psychotherapist in Kathmandu (9)

My last day in Nepal… I could not believe we’d reached the end of twenty four, intense days in Nepal. When I first arrived, this felt impossible to achieve. The initial shock of how different Nepal was for me had vanished. All felt natural and normal as I had adjusted to the place. At 6:30 […]

A psychotherapist in Kathmandu (8)

At 6:30am we arrived at the University for my first lecture to the counselling students of the University of Kathmandu. Their study day is from 6:30 to 9:30 as they all rush to work afterwards which left me with a strong feeling of how much we take for granted over here.  Having been away to […]

A psychotherapist in Kathmandu (7)

Workshops with the community health workers: As the health workers did not speak English and many were completely illiterate, I was given the responsibility of conducting the workshops using the arts, with the help of translators from the Nepali team. I told them how much I wish I spoke Nepali because I would be chatting […]

A Psychotherapist in Kathmandu (6)

At 4:45 we set off for the mountains.Outside it was dark as Kathmandu started to wake up with the first signs of motorbikes coming and going. Four of us went downstairs with our luggage to meet the others who were already in the jeep.  I met the driver, the clinical psychologist, the country representative and the […]

A psychotherapist in Kathmandu (5)

Tereza Nogueira, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and senior supervisor for ‘Child in Time’, writes to us from Kathmandu, Nepal where she’s spending two weeks working as a volunteer with Unity in Health  Their mission is to work together to improve global mental health, and Tereza has travelled over to help plant the seeds for school counselling […]

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