Again in Kathmandu

Tereza Nogueira, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and senior supervisor for ‘Child in Time’, writes to us from Kathmandu, Nepal where she’s returned as a volunteer with Unity in Health

After volunteering for the first time this year (see previous blog posts), I have come back to Nepal earlier that I ever thought I would.
It is amazing how perspectives can change as we get used to things. I arrived in Kathmandu by myself last Saturday. I was picked up from the airport by the Unity in Health country representative who is one of the kindest people I’ve met here in Nepal.
As she drove through the city I suddenly felt it was so beautiful. The weather was very pleasant. The air much clearer than before. I could see the mountains which were covered by a dense fog last April. Unlike the last apocalyptic view I saw last time I was here, now Kathmandu felt so normal and organised to me. 
On Sunday morning we went for a meeting at Chora Chori which is a UK registered charity that is confronting violence against children in Nepal, including rape, managing trauma and bringing child rapist to justice. Chora Chori is the Nepali word for children. If you want to know more please visit their website.
www.unityinhealth.orga charity promoting mental health training in Nepal this time allocated me to Chora Chori to conduct a workshop with their staff about trauma. We discussed trauma and the brain. It was very rewarding to share the knowledge I have about it with people who have never thought about the impact of traumatic experience in the brain before. The way the staff engaged and the feedback we have received made every bit of the effort we have made to be here worthwhile. The director of this charity said he felt like a student back to University learning something so fundamental to understanding trauma.