We all want to offer children the emotional support they need to face life’s challenges.  At Child in Time we believe that children deserve access to independent, professional, counselling support during vulnerable or troubled phases of their lives. Sometimes the environment they have been born into cannot give them what they desperately need. Sometimes unexpected events leave young minds struggling to cope.

Schools are often required to pick up the pieces and all too often there just isn’t enough time in the day. Child in Time brings professional therapists to children and young people, relieving the pressure on the school and enabling students to reach their full potential.

Early intervention is crucial for healthy emotional development, giving the chance for the developing brain to fire synaptic networks into life and learn to regulate stress responses. Our children deserve this opportunity or we run the risk of leaving them caught in the primitive fight/flight responses for the rest of their lives.

Child in Time sets up counselling services in schools with qualified therapists so that schools can be confident that they have offered their students a professional and safe place to be heard. The right support at the right time can be life-changing.