A psychotherapist in Kathmandu (9)

My last day in Nepal…

I could not believe we’d reached the end of twenty four, intense days in Nepal. When I first arrived, this felt impossible to achieve. The initial shock of how different Nepal was for me had vanished. All felt natural and normal as I had adjusted to the place.

At 6:30 in the morning when I was half asleep, suddenly the bed started to shake. I realised it was an earthquake and I was surprised to discover that I wasn’t feeling scared. For a moment it was exciting, like being in a funfair. Difficult to describe it. It lasted 4 seconds only and later I heard it was 4.26 in the Richter scale. I was of course glad it stopped and that it didn’t cause any damage. 

We had a chance to meet some of the charity board when Joao the Unity Health director gave a presentation about the charity and many people commented on the earthquake. I was particularly interested to meet the psychiatrist and the only child psychiatrist in the country. I felt a good connection with him and saw a great possibility to do exchange work at a later date.  

That evening it was time to visit Bakthapur and have a bit more sense of ancient and beautiful Kathmandu.