A psychotherapist in Kathmandu (3)

Tereza Nogueira, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and senior supervisor for ‘Child in Time’, writes to us from Kathmandu, Nepal where she’s spending two weeks working as a volunteer with Unity in Health http://unityinhealth.org.  Their mission is to work together to improve global mental health, and Tereza has travelled over to help plant the seeds for school counselling services in Nepal through training and discussion with adults at Tribhuvan University.  

Entry 3, April 2019

There was no space in my schedule for thinking about my jet-lag. At 8:15 we were picked up for a 9:00am meeting at the Tribhuvan University, the oldest university in Nepal. The meeting was to take place at the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences with the Master Program in Counselling Psychology’s director.   

The faculty is located on a massive campus that seemed to have been a beautiful place before. Now it’s sadly broken, unkempt and abandoned. The sign posts remind the visitors that even though the buildings look like they belong to companies which went bust, they are in fact learning institutions. I imagined the resources would be very basic or even below basic but when I met Professor Subba and people who work with him, I immediately sensed the greatest resource was their resilience, commitment and determination to move forward against the odds. 

The “namaste” greeting felt almost sacred as if I was greeting the Dalai Lama. He talked softly and slowly, taking pauses in between his thoughts. I felt an instant respect for this man. Even though I was aware that his master program needed more input to help students to become efficient counsellors, I realised what I know in terms of the work, of the theories and of people, could never be compared to what I believe he knew in terms of human nature and suffering. 

I am looking forward to work with him. I will send more information as soon as I can.

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