A psychotherapist in Kathmandu (2)

Tereza Nogueira, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and senior supervisor for ‘Child in Time’, writes to us from Kathmandu, Nepal where she’s spending two weeks working as a volunteer with Unity in Health http://unityinhealth.org.  Their mission is to work together to improve global mental health, and Tereza has travelled over to help plant the seeds for school counselling services in Nepal through training and discussion with adults at Tribhuvan University.  

Entry 2 April 2019

On the day I arrived, before even setting up in the guest house, I found myself in a meeting with my international colleagues from a variety of backgrounds, all wanting to make a difference to the world.  I did not leave my therapist’s hat in England and began to wonder about their lives and the stories that brought them here; a mental Health nurse from Canada, an occupational therapist from England, an IT web designer from Portugal, the director of the Charity who is a psychiatric nurse from Portugal (my connection) and a lovely Nepali woman who is the Charity country representative. 

 I was moved by the level of their commitment to Unity in Health’s projects. They left behind family, husband, partners, children, old parents, friends, jobs and full lives.  I began to wonder what had prompted each of them to engage in this venture? 

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