A psychotherapist in Kathmandu (10)

A present from the universe…

I always thought about going to Nepal as an opportunity to see Mount Everest. I kept asking people if we would have time in our schedule to go and see it. To my disappointment, I was told it was 1 hr away from Kathmandu and even if we went it would not be guaranteed a siting, due to clouds and mist. 

I felt something would be forever missed if I didn’t catch a glimpse of this great mountain and when it was confirmed that I wouldn’t see it this time, I felt my wish to see it would be another reason to return.

On my flight to Kathmandu to Delhi I was sitting on the isle with a restricted view to the window as the person near it was very interested in the view. Suddenly I heard him telling his wife, ‘Look, that’s Everest!’

My heart beat with excitement and gratitude for this opportunity to see it. As he saw me wanting to take a picture, he allowed space for me to catch it. And it turned out to be the best picture I’ve taken in my life. I will have it printed and framed to keep as a very treasured moment. 

It felt like a present from the universe.